The Vault is Open...

2010-03-31 13:13:35 by CognitionVault

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After months of hard work, 'Cognition Vault' has finally come to life and is ready to dish out more great music.

Latest News:
A fanbase has been set up, giving you listeners access to the latest news, sneak-peeks, and music. An official album will be released later this year, featuring 'Injection' and a full-length version of 'Antigen'.

Upcoming Projects:
The Void (Static Mix - Complete)

The Vault is Open...


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2010-03-31 15:32:40

whats in the vault?

a giant red tentacle monster that tries to kill you or a glowing chick who thinks your a prophet.

CognitionVault responds:

Our name is symbolic of a story we're trying to tell. Memories have been hushed away to benefit the beings of the future. The tales of cruelty, rage, and despair have been hidden away to bring a sense of hope to this bleak future. Slowly, people begin to uncover details about their past, through encrypted messages, in this case, music.