The Story of 'Archetype'

2010-04-17 14:19:49 by CognitionVault

"Just months before the fall of mankind, a group of secret organizations were pooling their resources to create the tool of their salvation. The only information retrieved about this project was it's name, 'Project Archetype'."

Scientists and engineers from 'Cognition Industries' spend years creating a prototype super-machine capable of destroying entire cities in minutes. It would be the dawn of a new weapon, the introduction of a new kind of security, the uprising of fear incarnate. This cybernetic super-soldier would ensure that all of 'Cognition Industries' greedy desires be fulfilled, would ensure that their organization control everything. At the press of a button, the 'Archetype' would shift the balance of power forever. An indestructible killing force, this was their goal, and that is exactly what was handed to them. Upon activation, the 'Archetype' malfunctions, and shuts down using one of its scripted fail-safe measures. A repair crew approaches 'Archetype', and begins immediate repairs. It is unknown whether the machine simply glitched, or a repairman secretly reprogrammed it, but as the 'Archetype' was activated once more, it looked around and thoroughly examined its surroundings as if it were confused. The operators attempt to give a command to the machine, by telling it to walk forward. The 'Archetype' simply turned its head towards the man barking the order, and stood still. After a few moments of silence, the machine began flexing almost uncontrollably, the sounds of its gears could be heard swiftly spinning under the hardened metal exoskeleton. The pitch of the gears changed suddenly, and it could clearly be heard throughout the room as the gears 'uttered' the words 'Walk forward'.

In fear, the commanding officer in the room ordered a hidden sniper squad perched on the rafters in the ceiling to 'open fire on the malfunctioning equipment'.Before the first shot was fired, the 'Archetype had already anticipated the attack and was curling into an upright fetal position. The firing squad emptied their weapons on the machine, the room dimmed due to ricocheted bullets colliding with light sources, but it was unphased. Before the squad had a chance to reload, 'Archetype' rolled forward, sprinted towards the officer who gave the order to shoot, and with a single swing sent him forty feet into the air and into one of the rafters, tearing the man in two and showering half the firing squad in blood. As the squad began firing again, the machine extended its left arm and shot a red beam of light into the ground ten feet away. A blinding light ensued the sound of an explosion. The 'Archetype' readjusted its optics, and with its enhanced processors watched the bunker disintegrate around it. Witnessing its destructive power firsthand brought many questions to the 'Archetype', mainly the purpose of it's construction. The 'Archetype' quickly came to the conclusion that it was the product of evil, and that something must stop this evil from spreading. As the bunker fell to ruins around it, the 'Archetype' 'shrieked' with its gears and ran from the irradiated inferno, a single process repeating in its CPU;



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2010-05-18 13:57:32

Sounds Badass! Dude you have some seriously awesome industrial music! I love it! I have been seeking this kind of industrial of this quality and style for who knows how long. Keep at it!


2010-11-14 14:33:58

I'd like to add that we are multiple dudes.


2010-11-15 12:39:33

Indeed, multiple dudes. He is Tino. I am Brian, or 'The Brin'.